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MEPLA Expert solves business challenges of healthcare-related companies. Please feel free to contact us.

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Expert Network to solve business challenges

MEPLA Expert is a service that combines the knowledge and network of highly specialized experts in the healthcare field to work together as a partner and solve your company’s business challenges.

We have a large number of local experts registered in Asian countries.

  • Access to comprehensive

  • No need to
    hire additional personnel

  • Spot appointment of
    experts is also possible

  • Periodic follow-up services

  • Detailed pre-service

  • Introduction of the most
    appropriate experts

MEPLA Expert only provides the highly selected professionals.

Many experts who are well versed in the medical and healthcare in Asia are available. We are able to utilize their know-how, experience, and human network to solve issues in the “Healthcare x Asia” domain.

Utilizing Expert Knowledge and Human Network
for Business Development in Asia

Collecting local information and situation from experts in a short period of time for business expansion in Asia

Utilizing local networks to promote the launch of businesses and sites

Realizing co-creation by taking charge of the entire process of discovering, negotiating, and contracting with appropriate partners

Arranging appointments for meetings with companies and government agencies prior to site visits

Features of MEPLA Expert


Medical Expert Network across Asia

Many experts are registered with us, including people from the medical industry, medical professionals, professionals like lawyers, and government officials.

With our registrants located throughout the Southeast and South Asian regions, we are able to meet the pinpoint needs of clients.


Specializing in a wide range of areas such as
regulation, marketing, and digital health

The registered members have a wide range of occupational experience and are experts in their respective fields.

You can utilize our services according to the phase of your overseas expansion, such as expert interviews that allow you to obtain primary information in a short time, advisory sales and appointments based on local contacts, and practical business support in the local market.


Approach the right experts quickly

Dedicated consultants will interview you about your issues and requirements in order to introduce the most suitable experts quickly.

After the match is made, we will follow up and share the expert’s support status.

Many experts from various countries,
industries, and sectors are registered.

About achievements
in support (example)

Want to know about the
mechanism of pharmaceutical
distribution in Indonesia

Want to know about the
regulations when registering
medical devices in Thailand

Would like to make an
appointment with a medical
institution under the banner
of Filipino conglomerate

Would like to proceed with
business development and
business negotiations
in Vietnam locally





We were able to get a spot-on consultation with an expert who is knowledgeable about the pharmaceutical distribution situation

We asked for a one-hour expert interview when we were researching the pharmaceutical distribution system in Vietnam.

The expert was very experienced in the pharmaceutical distribution situation and it was an eye-opening hour. I think this is a very useful service because we can request an hourly interview when we need pinpoint information.

Mr. Nguyen,
Senior Manager,New Business Development Department,IT Company.

We were able to visit companies efficiently by making appointments on behalf of us before the inspection.

I used MEPLA Expert because I was considering developing new local business partners during my business trip to the Philippines, but I had few contacts in the country and was in trouble.

By arranging appointments for us to meet with companies and government agencies before the site visit, we were able to make a very efficient and dense visit.

Ms. Chan,
Manager, Overseas Business Team, Pharmaceutical Company.

They handled everything from start-up research to implementation support

When we were looking for a partner company to promote our business development in Indonesia, they were very helpful in providing us with advice based on primary information as well as implementation support.

Ms. Sari,
Senior Manager, Marketing Department, Medical Equipment Manufacturer

While it is very difficult and costly to recruit human resources who are strong in “Healthcare x Asia”, MEPLA Expert can provide support only in the required phase.

In this way, MEPLA Expert can help companies solve the problems of insufficient resources and skills, and realize speedy business development.

If you are a healthcare company looking to expand your business in Asia, MEPLA Expert can help you.

MEPLA Expert solves business challenges of healthcare-related companies. Please feel free to contact us.

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